VST-MIDI Monitor

     VST-MIDI Monitor is a MIDI Data Monitor.

- VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology Instrument
from Steinberg)

- Selectable Channel and System Messages
activity LED Indicators.

- MIDI Data Display.

- MIDI Thru port.

- The first ever made, back in 2002 !

       NEW IN VERSION 3.0

- Added Program Change, Polyphonic Key
Pressure and System LED Indicators.

- Added monitor data selection switches.

- Added switchable MIDI Thru port.

- A 'Thru Viewed' option allows to be used
as a MIDI data filter device.

- Fresh compiled code.

...extremely useful, is Wally Cescato's MIDI Data Monitor, which loads as a VSTi and displays incoming MIDI note, aftertouch, pitch-bend and controller data on four 'LEDs', as well as providing a scrolling data display in text form. This is ideal when you're trying to sort out why there's no sound coming from your VSTis in Cubase, for instance, or for examining incoming MIDI controller data to see why it's not altering the synth parameter you expected.

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