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      Trans Computer Maschine II

 The ultimate modular pattern creator !


     Trans Computer Maschine is a Semi-modular Vintage Lead Synthesizer + Pattern Sequencer,
firstly modelled after two legendary synths and a custom analogue sequencer from

    "Retro fetishists will be over the moon with this one-two punch of vintage voltage."
                                                                                                  Computer Music Special magazine (UK)

    "Feast of recognition for classic synths lovers. A great plug-in where you spend hours with sweet!"
                                                                                                  Interface magazine (Netherla

Trans Computer Maschine's proposal has captivated us."     Future Music, Computer Music (Spain)

Highly Recommended!
MyOwnMusic Review - Professional Audio magazine (Germany)

    "More than just a great-sounding alternative to commercial products such as TimewARP 2600 or ARP2600V. Due to the step sequencer real-time capabilities, a retest is strongly recommended."
                                                                                                  Rated 6 / 6 - Beat magazine (Germany


- 3 Multi-Oscillators with Sawtooth, Triangle, Saw-Triangle and variable Pulse shapes.
- Colour adjustable Noise Generator.
- 3 mode Ring Modulator.
- Advanced Sample/Hold section.
- Selectable 2/3/4-pole resonant LP Filter with auto-oscillation.
- HP Filter with bus selection.
- 2 exponential Envelope Generators offering 3 operation modes.
- Unique Sequencer features like 'skip' and 'set' can be played live from MIDI keyboard.
- Inter-patch Sequencer pattern 'Copy/Paste' feature.
- Fully MIDI controllable.
- Fully VST automatable.

                                                                                     (check Frequently Asked Questions)


v2.60 (beta)
- Added 2, 3, 4 and 8 steps counters ('Steps Trig') to S/H trigger sources.
- Added 'K Trig' switches (keyboard play sync) to Oscillators 1 and 3.
- Added 'Play Order' display featuring user-friendly symbols for each mode.
- Added 'Seq Ctrl' gate sources to Envelopes, emulating the Synthanorma PWM.
- Fixed a minimum delay in the S/H that was only noticeable in certain patches.
- Fixed CPU overload in patches not using the 'LP Filter'.
- Fixed MIDI CC6 occasionally ignored.
- Improved 'Filter' featuring true analogue modulation at audio rates.
- Improved Oscillators anti-aliasing for extreme frequency modulation.
- Improved Sequencer blinking alert in 'Synth Ch.' display for 'Gate' mode.
- Limited S/H frequency to 20Hz for alias-free operation.
- Optimized Ring Modulator for alias-free operation.
- Replaced 'Inv Envelopes' in Noise modulation sources with 'AM Envelopes'.
- Updated GUI featuring some redesigned switches and buttons.

v2.50 (beta)
- Added 'KBD' and 'SEQ' set buttons to speed up some basic routings.
- Added Oscillators MIDI input 'RESET'.
- Added Sequencer 'Clock' indicator in 'Synth Ch.' display for 'Gate' mode.
- Added Sequencer internal gating options for 'Pitch' and 'Ctrls' outputs.
- Added Sequencer start step setting (Synth Ch. Reset menu).
- Added some automatic resets for smoothly 'MIDI Ch. Router' operation.
- Added un-synced 'LFO' frequency memory.
- Changed 'inverted Envelopes' behaviour to unipolar negative.
- Fixed CPU overload and Sequencer jitter while switching patches.
- Fixed Envelopes not loading set mode after loading host project.
- Fixed 'LFO' triggering noise click after changing patch.
- Fixed noise clicks when selecting 'SH Mixer' from Oscillators FM sources.
- Fixed occasional 'LFO' resetting at wrong times.
- Fixed Oscillator 2 'Sync' not working for triangle shape.
- Fixed 'Portamento' and 'Output Lag' controls not matching displayed time.
- Fixed Sequencer 'Pulse Width' showing slightly offset values.
- Fixed Sequencer reset shift in 'Pendulum' modes.
- Fixed signal flow display messed up after loading host project.
- Fixed some switches not responding to full MIDI range.
- Improved 'Filter' modulation indicators.
- Improved filtering link, now featuring bandwidth control.
- Improved GUI, disabling filters on inactive 'Audio Mixer' buses.
- Improved Sequencer external/human triggering and gating.
- Improved Sequencer 'Random' mode algorithm.
- Improved Sequencer 'Skip' and 'ON' buttons interaction.
- Improved the reading of values by adding dark blue background displays.
- Improved value displays, discarding decimals for very large numbers.
- Increased 'Portamento' time to 2 seconds, as it is in the ARP 2600.
- Removed Patch selection GUI controls (was added in previous beta).
- Removed some superfluous parameter automation.
- Revised MIDI CC mapping for better compatibility.

v2.40 (non-public beta)

v2.30 (beta)
- Added double triggered 'Seq Gate 2x' to Envelopes gate sources.
- Added 'KBD Gate' to Envelopes auto-enabled when sequencer is not started.
- Added 'LFO' activity indicator.
- Added 'Lower' range extender to Oscillators frequency modulation sources.
- Added Oscillators patch change 'KBD Memory' enabler/disabler.
- Added Patch selection GUI controls.
- Added selection displays for expanded 'Filter' modulation destinations.
- Added Sequencer 'Multi-Skip' controls.
- Fixed at last un-synced 'LFO' frequency messed up after patch change.
- Fixed Oscillators 'Low F' switches not working with 'Seq In' enabled.
- Fixed Sequencer active 'LED' shift after it was stopped.
- Fixed Sequencer buttons 'toggling' not responding to first MIDI messages.
- Fixed Sequencer rows 'presets' lost after loading or copying to patch 1.
- Fixed Sequencer 'Set' buttons shift when gating via Synth Channel.
- Fixed Sequencer 'Sync' altering 'Tempo' setting after patch change.
- Fixed typed input validation not working when last value was set to 0.
- Fixed/changed S/H Mixer behaviour for 'Expand' sources.
- Improved (further) 'LFO' phase-alignment with sequencer stepping.
- Improved modulation at audio rates.
- Improved 'Noise Colour' modulation and added S/H signal source.
- Improved Sequencer 'Sync' for varying tempo use.
- Improved stepped response for 'Interval' and 'Transpose' Sequencer knobs.
- Renamed some parameters and updated GUI.
- Replaced Sequencer 'Transpose' octave values with semitone ranges.
- Revised and optimized code.

- Added Preset selection control by MIDI Program Change.

- Added 'Drift' control for subtle analogue detuning adjustment.
- Added 'HP Filter' bypass mode.
- Added many modulation sources and removed superfluous ones accordingly.
- Added MIDI CC1 enabler switch for 'Filter Mod 1 Level'.
- Added 'Noise Colour' modulation from multiple sources.
- Added 'OSC1' to S/H trigger sources.
- Added routing to use 'S/H Mixer' as OSC3 'Minimoog modulator'.
- Carried out small changes in GUI.
- Corrected internal gain on Noise sources, Ring Modulator and others.
- Corrected Oscillators 'Pulse Width' range and modulations, following legacy ARP specifications.
- Corrected Sample/Hold input gains and expanded sources gamut.
- Enabled 'Seq Sync' status saving/loading with preset (fixes a bug).
- Extended Envelopes 'Attack' range to 200s (hidden, type-input only).
- Fixed/added Oscillators self-modulation via 'S/H Mixer'.
- Improved Amplifier featuring light distortion with clipping indicator.
- Improved 'LFO' retriggering, including sine shape initial phase fix.
- Offset many pulse-based modulations for unipolar control.
- Remodelled Low Pass Filter feat. 3 modes with resonance 'Bass Recover'.
- Remodelled Oscillators feat. accurate upper harmonics and isolated phase.
- Remodelled Ring Modulator featuring true Odyssey behaviour.
- Renamed 'LFO InvSaw' shape to 'LFO SawUp'.
- Replaced LFO 'Seq Sync' switch with 'Off' option in selection display.
- Replaced 'OSC2 SawTri' shape with 'SawUp', allowing any Minimoog blend.

- Added randomization feature for Sequencer interval and control rows.
- Added randomization feature for Synth audio sources plus filter slope.

- Added 'Envelopes' gate input indicators.
- Added 'Filter Cutoff Link' switch for band-pass use.
- Added 'Filter' modulation indicators.
- Added 'inverted Seq Ctrl' modulation sources.
- Added labels to Sequencer 'Skip' buttons.
- Added middle position 'Preset' for Sequencer interval row.
- Added 'MIDI Ch. Router'. input indicators.
- Added mixer 'Oscillators Waveform' selection from GUI images.
- Changed some unsuitable MIDI CC# assignments.
- Fixed ARP legacy 'Amp Gain' routing shown inverted in GUI.
- Fixed 'MIDI Ch. Router' sending CC data to Synth in any mode.
- Fixed Sequencer rows automation errors.
- Fixed Sequencer 'Tempo' and 'Pulse Width' MIDI CC# assignments.
- Fixed synced 'LFO' frequency not blocked from user input.
- Fixed un-synced 'LFO' frequency setting messed up after changing patch.
- Fixed wrong automation parameters names.
- Improved backward compatibility.
- Improved GUI featuring many changes for switches, selectors and buttons.
- Improved GUI showing active 'Audio Mixer' buses routing and waveforms.
- Improved Sequencer transport section featuring status display.
- Renamed 'S/H Mix 2' modulation source to 'S/H Mix Clip'.
- Replaced 'MIDI Ch. Router' selection knobs with click-sensitive displays.
- Swapped sawtooth 'LFO' modulation sources names.

v1.20 (distributed with issue 58 of Computer Music Special magazine)
- Added 'HP Filter' modulation.
- Added 'Output Lag' for Sequencer control rows.
- Added 'Synth Ch./Reset' router for Sequencer step retriggering.

- Added 'inverted Envelopes' modulation sources.
- Added 'OSC3' to S/H trigger sources.
- Added 'Seq Ctrl' sources for pulse width modulation.
- Added Sequencer 'Stop' status label indicator.
- Added 'Synthi' lead mode.
- Improved compatibility for Linux/Wine and platforms missing Windows native fonts.
- Improved GUI showing 'Filter' routing.
- Improved phase-aligned LFO 'Seq Sync'.
- Improved 'S/H' & 'S/H Mixer' filter modulation modelling.
- Smoothed amplitude modulation for 'LFO Square' source.

- Added multiple 'OSC3' sources for audio modulation.
- Added 'Noise' to Oscillator 3 modulation sources.
- New smaller GUI ('case' looking removed).
- Rewritten 'P Bend' code for improved MIDI response.

- Fixed high mixer levels causing internal clipping.
- Fixed Oscillators 'Triangle' and 'SawTri' waves making 'clicks' on note changing.

- Fixed 'P Bend' stepped MIDI response.

- First non-beta release.
- Fixed Sequencer erroneous negative values after changing patch.

v1.04 (beta)
- Fixed Envelopes not loading set mode as shown after changing patch.
- Fixed 'LFO Square' wave causing legato at lower rates.
- Fixed 'P Bend' control reset to -64 after changing patch.

v1.03 (beta)
- Fixed 'Tempo' setting from loaded preset ignored.

v1.02 (beta)
- Fixed Envelopes decay stages non functional after saving and reloading presets.
- Fixed misspelled 'Oscillators' in GUI.
- Fixed 'slope LP Filter' button lower left quarter unresponsive.
- Fixed Sequencer rows settings messed up after preset reload.
- Sequencer 'Sync' button moved close to 'Tempo' to avoid confusing user.

v1.01 (beta)
- Fixed Sequencer not responding to MIDI Continuous Controllers.

v1.00 (beta)
- First release on Nov 05 2012.

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